Find Car Insurance for Cheap Money

When looking for car insurance in the UK, chances are you will either approach an insurance company directly for a quote or go to a comparison site for a number of quotes. Both ways are excellent ways of getting quotes but you will only be able to find cheap car insurance if you learn the art of comparing quotes. No two quotes are ever the same the price may be similar but the policy features will be different.

Using an insurance broker is ruled out here. Brokers thrive on commissions for every deal closed. So if you choose to use one, part of your rates will go towards his commission, which means you can get a lower rate if you buy from the company directly. Still, brokers are popular especially among people who are too busy to look up prices and do a thorough comparison. In this case, you just have to hope that your agent will find you the best rate possible.

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When using online comparison sites, many people focus on the pricing alone forgetting important details such as coverage and other aspects of the policy. Remember that a low price does not automatically mean poor quality or vice versa. Check what coverage level is offered in the quote. While at it, ensure that you are comparing similar policies. It is common to find a 50 difference between quotes offered by two companies. On closer scrutiny, it turns out that the company with a cheaper quote offers less coverage than its competitor.

It is up to you to decide whether you need the extra coverage or not, depending on the car you drive, your experience on the road and how much you are willing to spend. If you feel that the extra coverage is crucial, go ahead and pick the more expensive quote. You will be better protected. In this way, you will have nothing to worry about if you get into an accident. Alternatively, choose the cheaper quote to cover you in the short term, as you find a more comprehensive policy for cheap.

While comparison sites give speedy results, they do not provide sufficient information to help you make a wise decision. For the really small details, you have to contact the insurance company that issued the quote directly. If you think this is too much work and decide to buy the policy without further questions, you may be in for a shock when you need to make a claim. Often time, policies come with fine print and disclaimers that can be easily missed if one is not careful. When this happens and your insurer cannot compensate you, your cheap car insurance policy turns out to be expensive.

Quality is important when looking for a car insurance policy. Once you identify an insurance company that has detailed coverage, bargain for a lower rate. In most cases the company will give in and lower the rates slightly. Things such as discounts, clean driving record, high credit score, low mileage, driving a car with a high safety driving and age will all contribute to you getting a lower quote. When all this is put into consideration, you get a much lower rate than you would get from a comparison site generated quote.